Photo by Olive Tree Photography, Corie Williams-Howell

The Smiths love Texas Longhorn cattle.

This adventure started in September 2020 with the purchase of a cow/calf pair and a heifer, and a budding addiction. After purchasing property just south of Abilene, TX, we began researching livestock to add to the Red Bank Creek Ranch. We chose Texas Longhorns for their heartiness, gentle demeanor, unique coloring and markings, and deep roots in Texas history. After our first purchase, we became completely hooked and have exponentially grown our herd through purchases from other respected breeders, and are beginning to shape our breeding program to offer sales from well matched pairings within our foundation herd. Please visit our sale pen page to see what members of the herd are currently available for purchase.

Steven has a deep rooted love for west Texas and its landscape, people, and history. In addition to part time ranching, he is a practicing gastroenterologist, and avid waterfowl hunter. Morie grew up in central Texas, but after college and graduate school in west Texas, she is an adopted west Texan. She is a part time audiologist, part time stay-at-home mom, and enjoys running the photography/business side of ranching. We have two children, Olivia and Henry, who would consider themselves the full time ranchers. Olivia can name any member of the herd by name, and Henry’s first words were “‘ow (cow)” and “moo”, so to say they love longhorn ranching is an understatement. One of the things we love most about longhorns and ranching is the family aspect, from checking and feeding cows together to building a lasting legacy for our children to inherit. Longhorn ranching has been a joy and blessing for our family, and we look forward to sharing our longhorns with the world for many years to come!

To read more about our day-to-day life, check out Morie’s blog {}.

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