Sale Pen

Cajun Queen

$500; 2 year old heifer, currently exposed to bull Flair All Over

KO Spirit’s Secret- 6 year old cow; $2250

Koochie Koo- 5 year old cow, $1500
‘Rece’s Pieces- 2 year old heifer; $1250
Texana Star- 5 year old cow; $1500
Pecos Honey- 3 year old heifer; $1500
Poppin’ Horn- 3 year old cow; $1500.
Red Hot- 4 year old cow; $1500.
Hot Grease- 2 year old heifer; $1500.
Sweet Belle- 3 year old heifer; $1500
Sweet Capriccio- 3 year old heifer; $1500
Sweet Lady Sue- two year old heifer; $1250.

Thank you for considering adding a member of our family’s herd to yours! Please contact us with any questions either through the Contact page here, or shoot us an email at All sales require a deposit of half at the time of interest and the remaining half at the time of pick up. Every animal is either currently registered with the TLBAA and can be transferred, or will be registered to their new home upon purchase. All of our current herd is Millennium Futurity eligible. Check back often to see what is newly available!

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